Our Classes

Sifu Jeff Lindstrom with  will teach you to gain awareness you can use to improve your health and range of movement!

Movements used for this class are derived from Martial Arts of Tai Chi and YiQuan. Both of these styles focus on movements being controlled by the feet and hips so force is grounded and balanced.Using this movement awareness you can improve any activity including Martial Arts practices.

I teach Real Tai Chi Not just the form, you will learn the internal aspect not Just the external Form. I have devoted 30 years to studying and improving my own internal awareness and share what I know openly to my students.

One of the main practices in the class is Standing Meditation. This practice can lead to better awareness of your body movements in relation to your balance .Using gravity to enhance your strength with relaxed and integrated motion, instead of fighting it with tense disconnected movements. Daily stress from your job and relationships will also benefit from meditative practices.

The slowly done movements from YiQuan and Tai Chi done after meditation will allow you to experience and refine your body movement so you can feel how your body balances as you move. Sifu Jeff will individually work with students to point out the tension which may cause you to be unbalanced.

hoping to have online classes soon